Some of Nike’s Innovations

Nike is one of the most well known companies throughout the entire world. Their brand and logo is known as one of the most recognizable in their industry. They are known for the diversity and broad range of products they carry. Their innovation has led them to become the most innovative company of 2013. This is in large part of the Nike FuelBand they have recently developed. The FuelBand is a $150 electronic bracelet that allows you to measure and track your daily movements for the day. Whether you are going for a run, playing basketball, walking around at work, or just moving around the house, this band allows you to track your daily movements and more.

The device has won over pretty much everyone its come face to face with. It offers a very simple and easy interface to use. If the color is red it means you’re inactive or haven’t reached your daily goals, if its green it means you’ve reached your daily goal. It has one button system which allows you to scroll through how many calories you’ve burned, how many steps you’ve taken, and your total NikeFuel points, which is a proprietary metric of activity that Nike is encouraging you to share through social media and online capabilities. The reason being so that you can track your progress and hopefully continuously push yourself to reach your goals and keep raising the bar on the overall level of work you’re completing. The FuelBand is the first sign that Nike is taking its talents and innovation into a new category. They are branching out from their traditional apparel market and into the tech, data, and services. This is not an easy task to complete but the FuelBand shows strong promise for Nike making some noise in this specific industry.

Nike’s taken huge steps in their shoe industry as well. They’ve raised the bar with products such as their Flyknit Racer, Nike Free’s, and Hyperfuse technology for basketball shoes. As part of Nike’s Better World campaign the Nike Flyknit Racer is made with little to no waste, making it incredibly easy to produce and better for the environment. The Nike Frees offer an almost barefoot feeling and only weight 8.2 ounces which offers an incredibly light feel. The mesh full inner sleeve offers a dynamic, sock-like fit and allows you slip these on and off very easily. The “Frees” are leading shoes in the running department for almost every store in the United States.

The Hyperfuse technology is something I’ve already explained in my blog posts but ill touch up on them a little bit again for the sake of the innovation. HyperFuse technology is the three different layers of material are fused together to create a seamless one-piece upper sole. The base layer is made of synthetic material to provide a supportive backing. In the middle the mesh offers lightweight breathability. And the top layer is made of Thermoplastic polyurethane film, which provides excellent durability.